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We are aware of what a privilege it is to run our hotel business in a unique natural environment, the Costa del Sol. Therefore, our environmental commitment forms parts of our values and is a vital part of the operating policies of our infrastructure and activities.

We are committed to a sustainable model

Every day we work to improve the way in which we interact with the environment, with the aim of keeping it as we found it. We believe that providing an excellent service to customers is compatible with an efficient, responsible and balance use of resources. 

We manage quality and the environment by integrating the UNE EN ISO 9001:2008 and 14.001:2004 standards. UNE en ISO 9001:2008 y 14.001:2004,

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Our achievements


The architecture of buildings and all technical measures to promote energy savings are based on our environmental commitment. All projects have been planned based on sustainable construction criteria to achieve efficient spaces.


Our environmental philosophy is reflected in each space. Our hotels are large open spaces full of light and natural ventilation, water, natural vegetation and even a zoo area at Hotel Polynesia.


Materials and finishings have been selected based on efficiency criteria. Therefore, hotels have been fitted with solar power facilities and co-generation systems have been implemented to reduce energy costs.

Meet our team

  • "Above all else, being a RFB involves great responsibility towards our employees; a certificate of this type is more than a commitment, it is an obligation and meeting a standard, so we have a firm and regulated commitment to continuous improvement.“

    Fotografía de Remedios Miralles sentada
    Remedios Miralles
    Corporate Director of People and Values
  • “La RSC forma parte del ADN de nuestra empresa, porque no se concibe otra forma de gestionar hoy en día. Alcanzar la sostenibilidad, supone encontrar el equilibrio entre las necesidades económicas, sociales y ambientales actuales. Esto traducido a efectos prácticos supone buen clima laboral, contribución al desarrollo socioeconómico de la comunidad, ofertar productos y servicios de calidad a los clientes, preservar el entorno natural más inmediato y tener un balance saneado»

    Fotografía de Sonia Santos sentada
    Sonia Santos
    CSR Manager